Mayor's welcome message

These lines are a presentation and a welcome message to all our visitors. Our only goal by using this tool is to make ourselves known. It is only one, but very ambitious as it implies and commits ourselves to other objectives of great importance, such as TRANSPARENCY, RELIABLE INFORMATION, DISSEMINATION of our values as a town and the information generated by our City Hall and PARTICIPATION of the citizens that make it up possible.

I would like to TO BECOME KNOWN as a town and as a City Hall so that those who still do not know us can get to know us even if we are hundreds/thousands of kilometres away, getting to truly know each other, through an INFORMATION that really reflects us and our actions. And if our locals do not know what decisions are made in our City Hall and how they are made, they will also obtain this reliable information in here.

But one more aspect must be added to all the aforesaid, which is essential today in a world where people want to be heard, and that is PARTICIPATION. We must create spaces of opinion, spaces where information can be contrasted and where public affairs can be accessible. In this way, perception and management of the public affairs of which democratic mandate is responsible for will improve.

And all this means providing INFORMATION, quality information, updated and current information through this web page. It may look easy but it is not. And it is not that easy because it requires, among other things, technical and human means to keep the information updated, to collect it, elaborate, manage, and expose it. Staff that we do not have as we would like
Furthermore, we are honest and convinced democrats, in the sense that we do not want to fall into the inertia of the comfort of "it is better to not inform about what we are doing to avoid commitment". We also want to maintain an active information policy, which stands out all the information that is relevant to our locals, even if it is uncomfortable or a nuisance for those of us who have the responsibility to govern.

And that is what we will do. We will be able to place ourselves in a honoured position within the ranking of (ITA 2012) indicators of International TRANSPARENCY of Spain 2012 thanks to this page and the blogs that will be implemented along with it and by other blogs created personally by the subscriber in his little free time.

Finally we would like to invite you to visit us regularly and to help us with your opinions, in order to make use of the review tools that the blogs offer and the Suggestion Box that this page has. On the one hand, we are looking forward to SPREAD our values and qualities as a village. On the other hand, we expect to contribute for a City Hall more TRANSPARENT AND PARTICIPATORY through the use of this web. Best wishes.

Juan Nieto Sánchez