Meals are based on typical products and ingredients of the rural mountain essence of Zahara. Even if these meals are not given the value that they deserve, they still preserve that old traditional flavour which they were made with. Some current initiatives, such as the one organized by the Adult Education Centre, try not to lose this tradition through annual contests of traditional cuisine at the “Fiesta de los Patronos”. There are a lot of food such as thin paste, “tortilla” (a flat and round food made by mixing eggs with potatoes) and stews of asparagus, "tagarninas", chard with chickpeas, “quemones” (bread soup with onion, eggs, lemon, oil and salt), "sopa hervía" (soup with bread crumbs) “sopa tostá” (soup made out of vegetables, pepper, salt, bread and pork steak) tomato soup, offal, cold meats, meats, different varieties of olive, etc.

Click here to access to a full compilation of typical recipes of our town. These recipes have been compiled by the Adult Centre of Zahara. They were written down directly from the testimony of the people of Zahara and next, they were posted. We are sure that for most of you this will be an authentic discovery. From here, we want to say thank you to the Adult Centre for its notorious contribution.