"Arco de la Villa" Restaurant


Wonderful views and food

Address: C/ Camino Nazarí, S/N.
Tel: (+34)956 123 230.

Mesón "Los Estribos"

Address: C/ El Fuerte, 3.
Tel: (+34)956 123 145.

"Al lago" Restaurant


International cuisine

Address: C/ Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, 11.
Tel: (+34)956 123 032

"Los Tadeos" Restaurant


Traditional flavour

Address: C/ Camino de la Fuente, S/N.
Tel: (+34)956 123 086.

"Al Agua" Restaurant

Traditional food

Address: C/ San Juan, 14.
Tel: (+34)647 769 354 - (+34)629 477 188.

"Marqués de Zahara" Restaurant


Rural tourism in its most charming way.

Address: C/ San Juan, 3.
Tel: (+34)956 123 061.

“Bar Nuevo” Restaurant

Traditional “tapas” and food.

Address: C/ San Juan, 13.
Tel: (+34)956 123 194.

El Gallo Brewery


Tradition and vanguard

Address: C/ San Juan 8.

"Mirador" Bar

“Tapas” and food.

Address: Plaza del Rey, 3.

"La Peña" Bar

It is unique for its good atmosphere.

Address: C/ Ronda, 2.

"Pérez" Bar

Tapas sabor a pueblo and local food.

Address: C/ Patinete, S/N.
Tel: (+34)956 123 209.

"La Cabaña" Bar

Musical Bar.

Address: C/ Ronda, 3.

"Josefi" Bar

Excelent “tapas”.

Address: Plaza Del V Centenario.

Oñate Restaurant


Wonderful views of Zahara’s lake. It is specialized in game and grilled meat.

Address: C/ Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, 9.
Tel: (+34)653 368 108 - (+34)652 242 052.

Molino "La Ermita" Restaurant

Specialized in Iberian meat and other events.

Address: Paseo de la Fuente, 2
Tel: (+34)695 837 999.

Piscina Municipal Bar

Located in the typical olive grove of Zahara, more specifically in the area of Fuente de la Higuera, just right at the starting point of the trail of the “Bodega”. It has wonderful views from the bathing area. It has a bar, a restaurant, a large area for sunbathing with grass and natural shadows, changing rooms and lifeguards. It opens in summer and at night.

Address: C/ Camino de la Fuente, S/N.

(Área Recreativa Arroyomolinos) Bar-Restaurant

Arroyomolinos Recreational Area is located right next to the mountain range of Monte Prieto. It is about 300 meters from the “Cueva del Susto”, close to the lake shore, in the middle of the Natural Park. It is a wide space between orchards and fruit trees, with an area of 63,362 m2, where the course of the river has been used to create a small artificial beach where especially summertime, you can truly enjoy the tranquillity that this place offers. You can visit it in every month of the year. It has a bar - restaurant and isolated tables throughout the whole site including barbecues (not allowed), playgrounds, and one of the great attractions: The Suspended Forest (aerial acrobatic area) with zip lines, etc. It is available at any time of the year. This recreational area has specialized staff (aquatic lifeguard and first aid) in the bathing area. The water receives cleaning treatments and is in perfect conditions. The water temperature is ideal to counter the intense heat of the summer months. It is also possible to rent horses to enjoy the surroundings. It includes a bathing area, a restaurant and a few restrooms across the whole area. The parking is under surveillance all day.

Address: Ctra. Arroyomolinos, km. 3
Tel: (+34)956 234 282.